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“Maybe We’ll Even Listen to the Music”

Jazz educator Dr. Billy Taylor died in January 2011 at age 89. In this musical essay from Maryland Morning, I reminisce about an encounter with Dr. Taylor that changed the way I listen to music. (more…)

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The War You See, and the War You Don’t

News networks have always had to make compromises to get access to dangerous battle zones. Did they go too far in acquiescing to Israel’s and Hezbollah’s demands during their 2006 war? From CJR Daily.


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A Search for Meaning in the Pacific Northwest

A review of Jon Raymond’s Livability at High Country News.

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The Wire’s Lessons for Urban Journalism

The premiere of the fifth season of The Wire rekindled a vicious dispute between David Simon and his former editors at the Baltimore Sun. It has gotten personal, but can we learn anything about how we report on our cities from the substance beneath the bickering? Find out in “Secrets of the City,” the cover story from the January/February 2008 issue of Columbia Journalism Review.

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Buprenorphine: Harm Reduction or Scourge?

In 2007, the Baltimore Sun published a heavily reported exposé on abuse and street sales of buprenorphine, a drug that had been hailed as a breakthrough for treating opiate addiction. Here’s a critical look at the series from Columbia Journalism Review.

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Catch Him if You Can

A review of David Samuels’s The Runner, from High Country News.

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Katrina Washout

Apart from this article in the Washington Times, Katrina recovery was mostly absent from coverage of the 2008 campaign trail. In this 2008 Columbia Journalism Review piece, reporters who have been covering the Gulf Coast tell us what questions they would like to ask the candidates.

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Top Ten in Arts and Culture, 2005

Top Ten in Arts and Culture for 2005: From Baltimore’s PeekReview.

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CD Reviews for Prefix Magazine

From 2003 to 2005, I wrote CD reviews for Brooklyn-based Prefix Magazine. Have a look.

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