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Redistricting Rorschach

Maryland's 7th Congressional District, or a burning sailboat?

When Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s Redistricting Advisory Committee released its suggested Congressional map in October 2011, the districts looked an awful lot like inkblots. I took Districts 3 and 7 out on the street for some impromptu Rorschach tests. From Maryland Morning.

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A World Without Public Radio

Oh, just the thought is devastating, isn’t it, you nerd?

Here’s a pledge drive spot I recorded for WYPR, which breaks my cardinal producing rule: never use Erik Satie as scoring music.

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Maryland By the Numbers

“Sleeves on lead singer Martin O’Malley’s t-shirt during a typical O’Malley’s March concert: zero”

What would Harper’s Index sound like if you put it on the radio and confined yourself exclusively to the Free State? Check out the “Maryland By the Numbers” series from Maryland Morning.

Photo: Governor O’Malley performing, from the O’Malley’s March website.

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A Street-level View of the Snowpocalypse

After the (Second) Blizzard of 2010, it was hard enough to go one block, much less across town. A February 2010 report from the streets, from Maryland Morning. (more…)

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Zappa in Bronze

Why did two Frank Zappa fans from Vilnius, Lithuania donate a bronze bust of Frank Zappa to the city of Baltimore? Find out in this 2008 piece from Weekend America.


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Taking the MTA Website for a Spin

The Maryland Transportation Administration recently revamped its website, to mixed reviews. In this July 2011 Maryland Morning segment, I take it for a test drive. (more…)

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Next time you’re watching the National Spelling Bee, keep an eye on the kids’ necks. That’s how you’ll find the dopers. Listen to this short story from WYPR’s The Signal about abuse of performance-enhancing thyroid stimulant hormone among pre-teen spellers. (Don’t worry it’s fictional…so far.)


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Manhattan’s (Gigantic) Underbelly

A profile of the can collector/public service pornographer behind a new literary movement: The Denied Perspective. From New York Press.

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