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Train Station

Hard to believe this song is 13 years old now. I wrote it when I was living in Washington, D.C., and listening to a lot of Ray Davis’s Bluegrass Country on WAMU. (This is before the 2000 election debacle happened and WAMU decided to take Bluegrass Country off the air and replace it with a couple extra hours of All Things Considered. WTF WAMU.) (more…)

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Skronky Tonk

Oella at Joe Squared, 1/14/12. Photo Zombie37 at Flickr.

Oella had their first gig on January 14 at Joe Squared. Come out and see us March 15 at The Windup Space!

Oella is (L to R): Shelly-Blake Plock, Harry Bartelt, Mike McGuire, Bob Wagner, Lawrence Lanahan.

You can take a listen at Bandcamp.

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Lawrence Lanahan is Murdering the Classics

If Yo La Tengo can do it on WFMU, I’m gonna do it here. Check out my version of “You Can Have It All,” from their album And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out.

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Does Interesting Work

Don’t know why that phrase cracks me up. But it’s the title I gave to this 15-minute guitar improvisation.

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“Lawrence Lanahan” EP (2004)

This self-titled, six-song EP was released in 2004. First-person ballads, stripped-down arrangements, with a guest appearance from members of bluegrass band Smooth Kentucky.

Pick it up at CD Baby.

Here are some reviews: (more…)

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All Some None

Remixed feedback plus vocals, 2008.

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Joel Grip / Lawrence Lanahan, improvisation, 1/7/2007

Free improvisation from a January 7, 2007 Brooklyn house concert featuring Niklas Barno, Ryan Dorsey, Joel Grip, Lawrence Lanahan, and Eve Risser.

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This song was written in the weeks after the firebombing and murder of seven members of the Dawson family in East Baltimore. From the 2004 self-titled EP.

Eventually, I profiled one of the Baltimore City laborers who puts the boards up on Baltimore’s vacant homes.

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The Big Move

From the 2004 self-titled EP.

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Louie’s Isn’t Louie’s Anymore

Inspired by, but not really having much to do with, Louie’s Bookstore and Cafe.

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