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Resources for “The Lines Between Us”

2If you attended my April 23 talk about “The Lines Between Us” at American University, or if you just want to learn more about the series, here are some resources… (more…)

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The Lines Between Us

TLBU_HomeAfter 50 episodes, several public events, dozens of data maps, lots of listener feedback, videos, illustrations, and more, “The Lines Between Us” has come to an end. (more…)

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“Maybe We’ll Even Listen to the Music”

Jazz educator Dr. Billy Taylor died in January 2011 at age 89. In this musical essay from Maryland Morning, I reminisce about an encounter with Dr. Taylor that changed the way I listen to music. (more…)

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The Roots of Inequality

Can a region’s philanthropic and civic leaders combine forces to eliminate racial inequality? The Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change wants to give it a try in Baltimore, and they hosted a three-day seminar in October 2011 to get it started. I was there, and before I left, I recorded this interview with the organizers for Maryland Morning.


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Music at Walter Reed

Ten years after the September 11 attacks, musician Carolyn Surrick reflects on performing every Friday at Walter Reed for wounded soldiers.[audio]


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Duck Hunting on the Chesapeake

After stumbling upon a chapter about the Chesapeake in a 1947 book about waterfowl hunting, I went down to Cambridge with Maryland Morning intern Erin Gleeson to see how the bay had changed since then, and how duck hunting had changed with it.


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Redistricting Rorschach

Maryland's 7th Congressional District, or a burning sailboat?

When Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s Redistricting Advisory Committee released its suggested Congressional map in October 2011, the districts looked an awful lot like inkblots. I took Districts 3 and 7 out on the street for some impromptu Rorschach tests. From Maryland Morning.

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Tomorrow’s Solar Workforce

In late 2008, President-elect Obama said he wanted to create 5 million “green jobs.” Well, someone’s going to have to train them. In this report for Morning Edition, I visited a Colorado institute that trains solar panel installers.


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Noise Welcome at This Library

When film and television music supervisors need background music on the cheap, they turn to music libraries, who have pre-recorded music searchable by keywords like “dark” and “groovy.” It’s not meant to be listened to intently, but in the 1970s, some libraries were turning out irresistable avant-garde funk. Learn more in this piece from Studio 360.


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A Dream Fulfilled Under the Gospel Tent

On April 25, 2008, The Worship Squad performed under the Gospel Tent at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for the first time. For their leader, Minister Ron Hadley, it was the culmination of a struggle to turn his life around. From Weekend America.

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