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Navigating in Nebraska

In September 2005, 166 Hurricane Katrina evacuees from New Orleans ended up in Omaha, Nebraska. Two years out, one man is trying hard–perhaps too hard–to help them get back on their feet. From Weekend America.


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Last Chance

A day working on the water with one of southern Maryland’s few remaining oystermen. From Weekend America.

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Where Do Cadavers Come From?

The “life” of a medical school cadaver, from donation to cremation. Produced in Alex Blumberg’s radio documentary class at the Columbia School of Journalism, 2006.

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Musical Blind Date

Audio profile of Baltimore’s High Zero Festival of Experimental and Improvised Music. Produced with Marissa Melton for Voice of America, October 2004.

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The First Attraction

A collaboration with Bruce Wallace for the Third Coast Audio Festival’s 99 Ways to Tell a Story experiment: the myth of Narcissus reimagined through the tragic story of the north poles of two magnet bars falling in love.

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